Mein Schatz! – Erfolg wird rückwirkend entschärft

Alle, die wegen der Zuckerherzen knapp am ‘Liebestoll’ Achievement gescheitert sind, dürfen sich freuen. Der Erfolg ‘Mein Schatz!’ wird jetzt für jeden rückwirkend gutgeschrieben, der mindestens 6 der ursprünglich 8 erforderlichen Herzen hergestellt hat.

Zitat von: Zarhym (Quelle)
The “Be Mine” achievement now only requires one to obtain six of the eight candies. This change will be retroactive for anyone who obtained at least six of the eight candies last time the event ran.

Zitat von: Kisirani (Quelle)
Actually, I dare say “caving” would have been taking it out of the meta completely.

Instead, this was purely a numbers game. We studied the numbers and the probabilities and determined it should have been a bit more common than it was; while it wasn’t as rare as A Mask For All Occasions, it was still just on the side of too rare. We didn’t want to remove the dedication of going after the candies entirely for the title, and so we adjusted how many candies were necessary to complete the achievement.