Neue Beschreibungstexte der Klassen

Eine der besonders oft zitierten Argumente bei Klassenänderungen sind die Beschreibungstexte der Klassen. Diese Beschreibungstexte sind nicht nur auf der offiziellen Seite zu finden, sondern auch im Spiel. Viele Spieler, die sich mit der Klasse nicht auskennen, vertrauen ihnen blind. Dass sie nach den Patch 3.0 nicht mehr aktuell waren und teilweise stark von dem aktuellen Stand abwichen, war mehr als nur ärgerlich.

Auf dem Patchtestserver 3.3.0 wurden nun neue Beschreibungstexte für jede Klasse eingefügt, die sich auf dem aktuellen Stand der Zeit befinden. Leider sind diese nur in der englischen Version vorrätig, weshalb wir sie euch nur englisch anbieten können.

Death knights are former champions of the Lich King who have allied themselves with the Alliance or Horde. Death knights are a hero class, which means they start at high level. Death knights use runes as their primary resource. Each of the three types of rune is used for different abilities. Death knights wear plate armor and do much of their damage with melee weapons. However, they have more ranged capabilities than most melee classes with an emphasis on causing diseases and doing damage with their undead pets. Their primary stat is Strength and also Stamina if tanking.

Druids are shape-shifters with an affinity for the plant and animal kingdoms. There are three types of druids: Balance druids who cast Nature or Arcane spells at range, Feral druids who can take on the form of a cat or bear to fight in melee, or Restoration druids who can heal their allies with an emphasis on heal-over-time spells. All druids can shift into a variety of forms for travel or defense. Druid stats depend on their role. Healers desire Intellect and Spirit. Casters desire Intellect. Cats like Agility. Bears like Strength and Stamina.

A hunter’s favorite weapon is a bow, crossbow or gun. They are at home in the wilderness and have a special affinity for beasts. A hunter gains a pet at level 10 that acts as a lifelong companion and can protect him/her and help him/her in combat. Hunters also specialize in setting traps for enemies and getting out of combat quickly when an enemy enters melee range. Hunters are effective even when solo and one of the easiest classes to level. Hunters use mana as a resource. Their primary stats are Agility and Intellect.

Mages are the iconic wizards of Azeroth. They learn their craft through intense research and study and can specialize in dealing Fire, Frost or Arcane damage. Mages are lightly armored but make up for it with a potent array of offensive and defensive spells. Mages are known for being able to polymorph opponents into non-threatening animals, freezing enemies to the ground, conjuring food or water, or teleporting to major cities around the world. Their primary stat is Intellect.

Paladins are heavily-armored fighters who use Holy magic to heal wounds and combat evil. Protection paladins are the tanking arm of the class and they excel at using their shield or reflective abilities to cause damage. Holy paladins are the healers and specialize in single-target heals. Retribution paladins deal out damage with two-handed weapons and Holy magic. Paladins are relatively self-sufficient and have many abilities targeted at death prevention. The primary stat for damage-dealing paladins is Strength. Tanking paladins also desire Stamina. Healing paladins desire Intellect.

Priests are casters who use Holy or Shadow magic to heal or harm. In the role of healer, a priest can focus on the versatile Holy tree or the Discipline tree that emphasizes single-target heals and damage prevention. As a damage-dealer, a priest sacrifice some of healing potential to deal Shadow damage, typically as damage-over-time spells. Within society, priests act as the spiritual leaders of their respective races. The primary stats for a priest are Intellect and Spirit (if healing).

Rogues emphasize stealth, control and poisons as ways to avoid taking damage while being able to dish it out. Rogues often serve as assassins or scouts, though many are lone wolves as well. Rogues specialize in dual-wielding a variety of weapons, though the iconic rogue weapon is the dagger. Rogues deal damage by building up 5 combo points with their attacks and then unleashing devastating finishing moves. They use energy as a resource, which regenerates quickly over time. Rogues can often sneak around enemies or attack an opponent from behind to try and finish them off quickly. Their primary stat for a rogue is Agility.

Shaman invoke the power of the four elements to enhance their weapon damage or spells. The most important feature of the shaman class is the totem, a small object that is summoned in combat to buff, heal or cause damage to the shaman’s enemies. There are three types of shaman. Enhancement shamans favor dual-wielding weapons such as axes or fists. Elemental shamans deal damage at range with their Lightning Bolts and Lava Bursts. Restoration shamans call upon water magic to heal themselves and their allies. Shaman often act as spiritual leaders in tribal communities. They value Agility if melee fighters or Intellect if casters or healers.

Warlocks are casters who do much of their damage through curses, drains, damage-over-time spells, or damage from their demonic pets. Warlocks deal Fire or Shadow magic and a special resource called a Soul Shard to power some of their spells. Warlocks can convert their health into mana or summon group members to their locations. They gain their first demonic pet, the imp, at level four. Warlocks are feared in some Alliance societies while considered great leaders in some Horde societies. As casters, the warlock primary stat is Intellect.

Warriors are plate-wearing fighters who strive for perfection in armed combat. As warriors deal or take damage, they generate rage, which is used to power their special attacks. Warriors learn 3 unique stances in which they can fight, each with their own benefits and abilities. Warriors can choose to focus on using a single two-handed weapon or dual-wielding weapons while Protection warriors emphasize using their shields to deal damage as well as absorb it. Warriors have several abilities that let them move quickly around the battlefield. Their primary stat is Strength, though tanking warriors desire Stamina as well.

Wenn die Übersetzungen auf Deutsch vorliegen, werden wir sie entsprechend weiterreichen.