Chill of the Throne: Debuff verringert Ausweichen um 20% in der Eiskronenzitadelle

Erinnert ihr euch an den Debuff, den man bei Einführung des Sonnenbrunnenplateaus bekam (‘Sunwell Radiance’)? Etwas Ähnliches hat sich Blizzard jetzt auch für die kommende Patch 3.3 Raidinstanz Eiskronenzitadelle ausgedacht: Chill of the Throne wird instanzweit euer Ausweichen um 20% reduzieren. Hat ein Tank beispielsweise 30% Ausweichen, so hat er mit dem Debuff effektiv nur noch 10%. Nachfolgend die (zunächst englischen) Posts der Entwickler Daelo und Ghostcrawler zu diesem Thema:

Zitat von: Daelo
Chill of the Throne, Tanking, and You!

For Icecrown Citadel, we are implementing a spell that will affect every enemy creature in the raid. The spell, called Chill of the Throne, will allow creatures to ignore 20% of the dodge chance of their melee targets. So if a raid’s main tank had 30% dodge normally, in Icecrown Citadel they will effectively have 10%.

Why are we doing this? […]

Zitat von: Daelo (Quelle)
[…] The high levels of tank avoidance players have obtained is making the incoming damage a tank DOES take more “spiky” than is healthy for raiding. Ideally, tanks would be receiving a relatively constant stream of damage over time. This allows healers to better plan their healing strategy, broaden their spell options, and simply give more time to react. Tanks could use their cooldowns more reactively. Instead, the current situation is that if we make a hard hitting melee boss and a tank doesn’t avoid two successive swings then the tank could very well be dead in that 1-2 second window. The use of reactive defensive abilities instead becomes a methodically planned affair, healers have to spam their largest heals just in case the huge damage spike happens.

We’ve been trying to do a fair amount to mitigate the effect of high tank avoidance on the encounter side of things during this expansion with faster melee swings, additional melee strikes, dual wielding, narrowing the normal variance of melee swing damage, and various other tricks. There’s a limit to what we can do, however. So to give us a bit of breathing room we’ve implemented Chill of the Throne. Going forward past Icecrown Citadel, we have plans to keep tank avoidance from growing so high again.

Zitat von: Ghostcrawler (Quelle)
Our original estimations for tank avoidance would have worked fine had we not decided to add extra tiers of gear to reward heroic boss kills halfway through the expansion.

The Cataclysm design will keep tank avoidance at more manageable levels. The loss of defense skill counts for a lot right there. We are also considering giving bosses expertise or other ways of baking in Icewell Radiance — basically the concept that bosses scale with gear rather than just hitting harder and taking more hits.