Geplante Nerfs für Ahn’kahet, Nexus und HdZ: Stratholme

Wie Blizzards Zarhym mitteilte, plant man diverse Instanzen-Nerfs für Ahn’kahet, Nexus und HdZ: Stratholme, um diese zu “streamlinen” und damit den anderen, heutzutage meist über das SNG Tool gespielten heroischen Instanzen in punkto Spieltempo anzupassen.
So werden z.B. einige Trash-Mobs oder Adds verschwinden, oder deren Laufwege geändert, sowie Bosse etwas leichter gemacht. Bei Stratholme plant man, das geskriptete Intro zu verkürzen bzw. überspringbar zu machen. Da dies offenbar nicht ganz so trivial wie die o.g. Hotfixes ist, wird diese Änderung wohl noch etwas länger auf sich warten lassen.

Das komplette Posting von Zarhym lest ihr hinter dem Newsumbruch. Danke für den Hinweis an unseren Leser ZeroCool.

Zitat von: Zarhym (Quelle)
Ahn’kahet, the Old Kingdom
With that said, we plan on making some changes to The Old Kingdom in the next minor patch. For instance, Elder Nadox will only get one Ahn’Kahar Guardian and Jadoga Shadowseeker will only use her Ascend ability once during their respective encounters. In addition, a couple of the stagnant groups of bad dudes between the Befouled Terrace and The Desecrated Altar will be removed, while some of the roaming groups will have their pathing altered. These changes are not to make this instance easier, but rather to make it a slightly quicker run and more in line with some of the other Wrath dungeons.

I think you mean Anomalus. Yes, he will use his Create Rift ability less often. […] we’re continuing to learn that time and difficulty aren’t synonymous measurements. For instance, Anomalus could use his Create Rift ability 20 times before you could kill him if we wanted to make it so. This would increase the encounter’s difficulty by a negligible amount, the hardest part of which would be staying awake.

The Culling of Stratholme
We plan to do something to allow players a quicker start to this dungeon, however, the fix to the scripting is more complicated than the changes we’re making to some of the other dungeons and likely will not be ready for the next minor patch.