Mini-Patch aufgespielt

Wenn ihr euch in World of WarCraft einloggt, wird derzeit ein ca. 5 MB grosser Mini-Patch mit der Versionsnummer heruntergeladen und installiert.

Was er an Änderungen bzw. Hotfixes bringt, lest ihr hinter dem Newsumbruch. Danke für den Hinweis an unseren Leser Conrad.

Zitat von: Bornakk (Quelle)
  • The Endless Healing Potion is no longer usable in arenas as intended.
  • Warlock’s using a lower rank of Life Tap will receive a reduced benefit from their shadow spell power.
  • The damage done by the cannons in the gunship encounter in Icecrown Citadel has been increased and the rate at which their heat decays has been reduced.
  • In Alterac Valley, the buffs that the Generals get from the Warmasters and Marshals now grant them negative enemy dodge. This means they will now ignore some of their target’s total dodge percentage. The base health of the Generals has been increased and the buff also grants a slightly increased amount of damage and health.
  • The cheese items in Dalaran as well as the Kvaldir Berserkers in Icecrown will once again respawn at a faster rate.
  • The window that comes up when talking to an NPC should no longer close on its own.
  • Some changes to the battleground queuing system have been made to improve performance and group queuing.
  • The timer for when the next battle in Wintergrasp will occur should no long disappear.