WoW Cataclysm: Beta-Patchnotes (US) für Build 12942 – Archäologie erstmals verfügbar

Ab sofort findet ihr die aktuellen englischen Cataclysm Beta-Patchnotes vom 10.9.2010 (Build 12942) in unserem Patchnotes-Archiv. In diesem Build werden wir laut Patchnotes erstmals den neuen Archäologie-Beruf erlernen und testen können.

Archäologie: Scepter of Az’Aqir – Die Rückkehr des Qiraj “Käfer”-Mounts?

Zitat von: Blizzard (Quelle)
Archaeology, a new secondary profession, has been added. Players can learn this profession in order to search for ancient artifacts around the world to advance their Archaeology skill and create unique new items.

To recover artifacts, you need to collect artifact fragments. Fragments are found in dig sites visible on your map. When you reach a dig site, use the Survey ability. Your survey tool will indicate the approximate direction and distance to the cache of fragments. You can collect fragments three times in a dig site before you need to move to a new dig site. Once you have enough fragments, you can solve an artifact to learn a little more about Azeroth’s past. Happy hunting!

Mehr Infos findet ihr in den aktuellen Patchnotes im Anhang der News.