WoW Patch 4.0.1: Operation Gnomeregan & Zalazane’s Fall Events sind vorbei

Wie Blizzard soeben mitteilte, sind die beiden Cataclysm Pre-Events Operation Gnomeregan und Zalazane’s Fall vorbei. Ab jetzt heisst es warten, bis die neuen Basen der Gnome und Trolle in Patch 4.0.3 aufgebaut sind:

Zitat von: Blizzard (Quelle)
F: I don’t see it in the 4.0.1 patch notes, but it’s been in the 4.0.1 PTR. Is the next phase of Operation: Gnomeregan going live today as well?

A: The next phase does start today, but it’s a passive phase. There will not be anything for players to do outside of Gnomeregan, or on the Echo Isles, until the new bases of operation for gnomes and trolls are complete, and the new level 1-5 starting experience is added in patch 4.0.3.