Dungeonkompendium – Blizzard geht auf Kritik ein

Viele der großen Gilden dieser Welt haben sich offiziell gegen das Dungeonkompendium in seiner jetzigen Form ausgesprochen. Dabei ging es diesen Progress-Gilden nicht darum, dass Kompendium vollständig zu kippen, man sah eher ein Problem in der Menge und dem Umfang der Informationen, welche hier zugänglich gemacht wurden.

Dabei war vor allem das Bekanntwerden der Phasen des Kampfes mit Ragnaros und den dabei zu jeden Phase aufgelisteten Fähigkeiten des Bosses der Stein des Anstoßes. Dies geht über alles hinaus, was bisher vor dem Release einer neuen Raidinstanz über die Bosse bekannt war. Selbst durch Datamining und Co. konnten z.B. nie die einzelnen Phasen eines Kampfes ausgelesen werden. Dies nehme den neuen Raids vollkommen die Spannung, so die Top-Gilden.

Nun hat Blizzard reagiert und Nethaera hat im offiziellen Forum eine Änderung des Dungeonkompendiums angekündigt. So haben man aktuell, obwohl dies schon zu spät kommt, einige Informationen aus dem Kompendium entfernt. In Zukunft werde man sich überlegen, wie man mit diesen Daten umgeht. So spricht Nethaera die Möglichkeit an, dass die Fähigkeiten der Endbosse oder besonderer, heroischer Bosse ganz aus dem Kompendium ausgeschlossen werden und das man mit manchen Informationen doch hinter dem Berg halten will. Als Beispiel dient hier die Auslösung des Deep Breath bei Onyxia.

Damit reagiert Blizzard doch recht schnell auf die sehr konstruktiv gehaltene Kritik der Top-Gilden und wir sind gespannt, wie viele Informationen das Kompendium dann in den nächsten Inhaltspatches mitbringen wird. Für Patch 4.2 ist dieser Schritt natürlich zu spät erfolgt.

Zitat von: Nethaera (Quelle)
We have not in fact made the statement that “Discovery and inventiveness in raiding is bad? with the introduction of the Dungeon Journal. We have simply said, “Here are the tools to be successful. Go forth and conquer.” We have in no way said “how” to do it nor is that our intention for this feature. The ability to play your character within a team of other people is all up to you and your skills. We’re just trying to make it more possible to be successful within the game with information that lends itself to aiding success.

We want the discovery and challenge to come into play as a result of actually facing the mechanics versus simply being beaten by the mechanics of the game to begin with to even start working on a strategy to defeat the encounter (which is what many top raiding guilds end up doing.) It’s very difficult for anyone to claim that discovery is a large portion of the game when we live in a world of datamining, PTR videos, boss kill addons, and extensive documentation of everything by a very savvy and experienced gaming community.

We want to provide a common language to communicate with as well. What exists now is something that has evolved over time in an organic way, but not everyone is speaking the same “language”. This way, you can call the “big blue thing” by its name rather than resorting to trying to describe it or make up a new name for it.

We know that players already go out to outside sources to look for information. On some occasions, this information may even have misinterpretations of the boss abilities and cause some frustration for those who are attempting to kill the mob based on that information. We’re simply making what you’re facing a bit clearer where it needs to be made clear. This isn?t the fault of those documenting these things. From our end, not all abilities that bosses use are as clear as we could have made them or should make them be.

It’s expected that the top-end guilds that like to go for the first kill/s will still be able to accomplish this with or without the Dungeon Journal existing. We have no fear that they will suddenly be overrun and lose their place simply because everyone is starting with the same information.

That said, we have been listening to feedback as well and have trimmed back a little of the information. We also may consider (for the future) not documenting specific abilities for very difficult bosses like Sinestra, or heroic modes on final bosses like Ragnaros, or even what exactly causes Onyxia to deep breathe. Getting solid constructive feedback that we can consider to set into motion for change is always welcome and useful to us.

If all else, if you still want to take on encounters without the use of the Dungeon Journal, you can. Just don’t open it. What you don?t know, will probably kill/wipe you. 😉