Mists of Pandaria: Änderungen an den Haustierkämpfen

Auch der Haustierkampf wird von Blizzard gehegt und gepflegt, weswegen dieser demnächst einige Hotfixes erfahren wird. So meldete sich Crithto, der Mops in Community-Manager Gestalt, im offiziellen Forum zu Wort und gab die geplanten Hotfixes durch.

So wird der Haustierkampf nun korrekt auf alle Charaktere des Accounts gewirkt, die kaufbaren Haustiere in den östlichen Königreiche wurden aus dem Erfolgsfortschritt für “Auf Safari in den Östlichen Königreichen” gestrichen und es wurden einige Erfolge bezüglich des Haustierzähmens angepasst.

Zitat von: Crithto (Quelle)
As you can see by the following updates, we’re still keeping a very close eye on Pet Battles. You guys have been fantastic with your continued updates and we sincerely appreciate that, and your patience. Please keep in mind, due to the nature of these types of fixes, they very likely won’t be active until after next week’s standard maintenance has concluded. Here are the things we are hotfixing:

  • Battle Pet Training is now correctly shared account wide to all characters.
  • Numerous pet battle achievements should now reward correctly:
    • Taming the World has been reduced to 40 pet tamers from 45. The achievement should now properly reward to players that earned it before or after the hotfix.
    • Taming achievements should now reward correctly. Many players reported the criteria completed but the achievement would not complete.
    • Taming achievements rewarding correctly should also alleviate the problem with daily quests not activating correctly. The daily quests are unlocked based on the Taming achievements being completed.
  • Strong and Pristine traps should now correctly be rewarded to players from achievements. This fix should retroactively award the traps to players that already have the achievements.
  • Purchasable pets have been removed from the Eastern Kingdoms Safari achievement.
  • An issue with account daily quests not resetting has been fixed.
  • Note that many of the achievement fixes will show incorrect UI until patch 5.1.0. Rest assured that the data is correctly working though.
  • An issue with phased pets in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms has been fixed.