World of Warcraft: Hotfixes für Patch 5.0.5 vom 12. November

Die nächste Runde offizieller Hotfixes ist da. Die Liste vom 12. November verbirgt dabei vor allem Fehlerbehebungen im neuen Raid Herz der Angst.

Mit dabei sind unter anderem die bereits bekannten Änderungen an Zor’lok und Garalon, aber auch an den anderen Bossen ein paar Anpassungen vorgenommen.

Zitat von: Blizzard (Quelle)

ovember 12

  • Creatures
    • Kunzen Rockflingers no longer have a chance to drop Motes of Harmony.

  • Items
    • Fixed an issue with the way that Might of Ursoc could interact with the Druid’s Deep Earth Vestments 4 piece set bonus when in a group.

  • Dungeons, Raids & Scenarios
    • Heart of Fear
      • Wind Lord Mel’jarak
        • Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent Mel’jarak from properly gaining Recklessness.
      • Grand Empress Shek’zeer
        • Players affected by Fixate will no longer incorrectly maintain threat after the effect ends.
        • The range of the Empress’s various damage dealing abilities has been increased.
      • Imperial Vizier Zor’lok
        • In the Heroic mode version of this encounter, Zor’lok should never choose the platform of Attenuation when combat begins.
        • Zorlok will now always cast Force and Verve after summoning Noise Cancelling Zones.
        • Fixed an issue that could cause players affected by Convert to be damaged by Zor’lok’s abilities.
        • Fixed an issue that could cause Convert to affect more than one healer in 10-player raid groups.
      • Amber-shaper Un’sok
        • Mutated Constructs now deal appropriate damage.
        • Fixed an issue that could cause Inferno Blast to interact with Amber Carapace in a way that dealt extreme damage to secondary targets.
      • Garalon
        • In the Raid Finder version of this encounter, Garalon’s Fury ability will now stack 5 times with a 15 second duration, and Pungency now stacks 20 times.
        • In the Raid Finder version of this encounter, Garalon will not enter combat until a player enters one of the visible circles surrounding his body or legs, or performs a hostile action.
        • Pets now correctly gain Weak Points when attacking Garalon’s legs.
        • Several abilities that deal additional damage to a secondary target no longer improperly include bonus damage provided by Weak Point when determining the damage dealt to secondary targets.
    • Mogu’shan Vaults
      • The Stone Guard
        • Using Alter Time will no longer prevent Mages from losing stacks of Energized Tiles in this encounter.
      • Elegon
        • Pets will now correctly attack Elegon from behind.

  • Bug Fixes
    • Highly Explosive Yaungol Oil no longer deals damage to hostile players.
    • Fixed a phasing issue that could occur during the quest “Battle Axe of the the Thunder King”.
    • Fixed an issue with the way that Glyph of Jab could interact with various weapons.