Patch 5.1: Bekannte Fehler und Hotfixes

Der neue Patch 5.1 ist frisch auf den Servern und – es lässt sich kaum vermeiden – haben sich wieder einige Fehler eingeschlichen.

Es kann passieren, dass DirectX 11 Probleme verursacht und das Spiel abstürzen lässt. Umschalten auf DirectX 9 sollte das Problem vorübergehend beheben. Weitere Fehler findet ihr nach dem Weiter-Link.

Es gab jedoch auch schon einige Hotfixes an Klassen und Raidbossen. Bei den Jägern wurde der Angriffskraftbonus von Aspekt des (eisernen) Falken auf 15% angehoben. Die Heilung von Licht der Morgendämmerung wurde um 5% erhöht. Schurken können nun alle 2 Minuten Verschwinden wirken.

Weiterhin wurde die heroische Version des Shas der Angst angepasst und Tsulong sowie Lei Shi wurden besser an die Schwierigkeit im Schlachtzugsbrowser angepasst.

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Known Issues


  • Rarely, creatures may get “stuck” following a player around while being immune to damage and evading all attacks.
  • DX11 may be causing crashes for players. Swapping your graphics API to DX9 may resolve these crashes.
  • Disconnecting during a rated battleground may cause you to gain the Inactive debuff and be removed from the battleground.
  • Performing Faction Change and Character Recustomization services may cause you to be incorrectly prompted to rename your character twice before you can enter the world.


  • Hunter Traps (with the exception of Ice Trap) may be less sensitive to trigger.
  • Eternal Guardian cannot be cast correctly if targeting a released player via the raid or party frames.
  • Soulburn does not work with Glyphed Health Funnel until you relog.
  • Explosion damage from Living Bomb and Frost Bomb is not increased by active damage buff auras (i.e. proc buffs)
  • Chi Spheres can be consumed by Monks who are already at full Chi.
  • The Spell Alert for a “Shadow Word: Insanity” proc will display for all Priests if Shadow Word: Pain from another priest is present on a target.
  • Mage Teleport and Portal flyout icons will not convert to the opposite faction after a faction change.


  • .
  • The achievement progress for “The Towers of Power” and “Tol Barad All-Star” is reset upon dying.
  • Voice Chat is not enabled LFD instance groups.
  • Coalescing to other realms will cause the Mount Journal to shuffle.
  • Players may see other players displaying erratic movement after Pet-Battle duels.

Spawns/Battle Pets

  • Some Battle Pet abilities’ behavior and damage might not match their associated tooltips.
  • The default camera angle when battling Traitor Gluk is positioned oddly.


  • The Rapier of the Gilnean Patriots buff can affect Sylvanas during the quest “The Battle for Gilneas City”
  • It is possible to sometimes fail to complete “Defending the Rift” after the cinematic plays.
  • Hackiss, Healiss and Tankiss may evade when crossing over the circular pedestals during “Round 4: The P.U.G.”
  • Large packs of Bloodfang Stalkers may be present while on the quest “By Blood and Ash”
  • Sentinel Ku-yao is sometimes not visible for the quest “Seeking Father”

Items & Tradeskills

  • Transmogrifying a Monk’s weapon will change the damage listed in spell tooltips, this is visual only.
  • Players with Glyph of Nightmares, Glyph of the Lakestrider, or on Water Strider mounts will have their spell cast interrupted if the spell cast would dismount them.
  • Guild reward shirts display an incorrectly if no guild crest has been chosen.
  • Certain crossbows awarded from quests in Pandaria sheathe in unusual ways.
  • Some flavor player disguise items such as Kalytha’s Haunted Locket will apply an incorect visual.
  • Players may receive harmless error messages (eg “Item is not ready yet”) when crossing realm boundaries when in possession of certain items.
  • It is possible for the bait to bob at the last second when Fishing making it not possible to loot the catch.

Dungeons & Raids

  • Blink does not work reliably when trying to Blink onto the Energy Vortex platform in the Elegon encounter
  • You Don’t Have an Eternity – Guild Edition is not being awarded after completing the requirements.
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November 27

  • Classes
    • Hunter
      • Aspect of the Hawk and Aspect of the Iron Hawk now increase ranged attack power by 15% (was 10%).
    • Monk
      • Desperate Measures now also resets the cooldown on Expel Harm when the Monk is below 35% health.
    • Paladin
      • Light of Dawn’s healing has been increased by 5%.
      • Holy Prism will now always heal the 5 closest allies with the lowest health.
    • Rogue
      • The cooldown of Vanish has been reduced to 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).
    • Warlock
      • Curse of Enfeeblement and Aura of Enfeeblement now reduce the physical damage dealt by all targets by 10% (was 20%).
      • Aura of Enfeeblement and Aura of the Elements now cost 150 Demonic Fury (was 50), and have a 10 second cooldown.

  • Creatures
    • Polluted Viceclaw Scuttlers are now much tougher customers.

  • Items
    • Sky Crystals can no longer function against Alani once Nimbus Shroud has been dispelled.

  • Dungeons, Raids & Scenarios
    • Terrace of Endless Spring
      • Corrupted Protectors now deal less damage in the Raid Finder version of this raid.
      • The Sha of Fear
        • A number of bug fixes and adjustments have been made to the Heroic mode version of this encounter:
          • The Sha of Fear will now transition to the Dread Expanse at 66% health (was 50%), and no longer heals when entering the second phase of the encounter.
          • Dread Spawns can now gain up to 5 stacks of Gathering Speed (was 3).
          • Dread Spawns now spawn at a reduced rate.
          • Dread Spawns will no longer sometimes cast Eternal Darkness on an incorrect target.
          • Dread Spawns will now always cast Sha Spine when a player picks up the Orb of Light; the damage of Sha Spine has been reduced.
          • Dread Spawns are no longer fooled by Feign Death.
      • Tsulong
        • The Raid Finder version of this encounter has been tuned to be more appropriate for its intended difficulty.
        • Tsulong will no longer despawn unexpectedly in the Heroic mode version of this encounter.
      • Lei Shi
        • Lei Shi’s Spray Ability now increases frost damage taken by 10% per stack in the Raid Finder version of this encounter (was 12%).

  • Bug Fixes
    • Classes
      • Druid
        • Clearcasting is no longer consumed by damaging spells while Heart of the Wild is active.
      • Monk
        • Renewing Mist can no longer sometimes be cast while mounted.
      • Paladin
        • Fixed an issue that could cause Illuminated Healing to apply absorption shields when no healing was generated.
      • Rogue
        • Anticipation now generates the correct number of combo points when Crimson Tempest is used.
    • Players can now properly earn credit for the Last Man Standing achievement.
    • The Turkey Shooter can no longer be used on mounted players.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause various items to be awarded to players of the incorrect class or specialization in Raid Finder encounters.
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent some items from The Terrace of Endless Spring from being disenchanted.