Mögliche Änderung an seelengebundenen Handwerksmaterialien

Seit Mists of Pandaria werden nach und nach einzelne Berufe angepasst, um das Steigern der Fertigkeitspunkte für Nachzügler oder neu erlernte Berufe zu erleichtern. Bashiok hat im offiziellen Forum nun in Aussicht gestellt, dass es zum Ende der Erweiterung auch Änderungen an den seelengebundenen Handwerksmaterialien geben könnte.

Besondern würde das wahrscheinlich die Geister der Harmonie betreffen, die ihr bisher auf jedem Charakter selbst erfarmen müsst. Bashiok sagt dazu, dass das Berufesystem im Kern so konzipiert wurde, dass ein Spieler nur über zwei Hauptberufe verfügt und für weitere Materialien aus anderen Berufen mit anderen Spielern in Kontakt treten sollte, um den sozialen Aspekt des Spiels zu stärken.

Jedoch ermöglicht das Spiel inzwischen das schnelle Leveln von Zweitcharakteren, mit denen der Spieler weitere Berufe erlernen kann und somit unabhängig von anderen Spielern sind. Zwar mögen die Entwickler nicht, dass man fast ausschließlich einen Charakter intensiv spielt und nur weitere Charaktere besitzt, um diesen zu versorgen, jedoch neigen sie laut Bashiok dazu, die Bindung für solche Handwerksmaterialien zum Ende der Erweiterung aufzuheben.

Zitat von: Bashiok (Quelle)
We like that people enjoy having alts. It’s been a personal hobby of mine to continually level characters, and it’s of course something a lot of people do. However, in some ways it works against some game systems that are intended to be a part of the MMO experience. Professions are one such system.

The intent with professions is that you can only have two, and for all the other professions you don’t have you have to work with others within the game to get what you need. Say you’re a blacksmith, and you can make an item another player or even that player’s profession needs, and that interplay creates interpersonal interactions and even those small interactions feed into the larger social experience. Over the years a number of things have changed and lessened those interactions based around professions, but probably none more impactful than alts. With good intentions to help people catch up to the end-game, it of course allows for people to have more alts with more professions, which in turn reduces reliance on others and shrinks the reasons you have to interact with others.

Most people don’t keep tons of alts geared up for end-game, but quite a few do have alts that are there to help ‘feed’ their one or two main characters. Which is where the binding comes in. You’re playing on one character, getting motes/spirits, and wanting to transfer those to alts to make stuff, which then feeds back to your main in either the items made, or the gold from selling them. That’s totally understandable, but really fundamentally goes against the intent of profession limits. It can also lessen the personal value of playing and connecting with a character. When you have everything, your personal connection to any one of those things is diluted, and you naturally care a little less about each.

I understand that may be a hard sell because it’s a limitation and not letting people do whatever they want, but it’s at least logical. I think it is, anyway. :) Maybe one solution is we could say you can only have two professions per Battle.net account! And really strong arm people into it, but of course that’d be a pretty negative change in taking so much away. Instead saying here’s an item that we really want you to earn and use on the character you’re playing and obtained it with to reinforce the value in playing that character (and not just shipping items off to crafting alts). People still have crafting alts, of course, and some choose to play them a little just to seek out the motes/spirits, and that’s ok. What we don’t want is to encourage the notion that you can just play one character and keep a cadre of alts that ensure you have everything you’ll ever need. Working with others to achieve great things is by and large the overarching point of these kinds of games.

All that said we have tended to remove the soulbinding of these types of crafting materials as the expansion that introduced them draws to an end.