Patch 5.3: Hotfixes vom 23. Mai beheben Sound-Bug

Im Hintergrund wird weiter fleißig an der Behebung von Fehlern in Patch 5.3 gearbeitet und auch heute Nacht wurden erneut einige Hotfixes aufgespielt.

Unter anderem wurden einige Fähigkeiten der Kor’kron-Kommandanten auf dem Schlachtfeld: Brachland abgeschwächt und einige Probleme bei Klassenfähigkeiten wurden gelöst.

Wer auf der Jagd nach dem Schmutzling ist, sollte nun auch in den Elite-Versionen des Wabernden Drecks auf der Insel des Donnerkönigs mit etwas Glück einen Halbleeren Essensbehälter finden.

Weiterhin wurde zu den Hotfixes ein kleiner Client-Patch aufgespielt, der die Probleme mit den Soundeffekten beheben sollte. Töne von AddOns und Raidwarnungen sollten nun wieder korrekt abgespielt werden.

Zitat von: blizzard (Quelle)

May 23


  • Druid
    • General
      • Thrash’s periodic damage component can once again be affected by critical chance.
    • Balance
      • Solar Beam and the Symbiosis version of Solar Beam’s silence effect can no longer be reflected.
  • Shaman
    • General
      • Elemental Overload version of Lava Burst should now properly deal 75% of the damage dealt by the Lava Burst that activated it.
  • Warlocks
    • Destruction
      • Fire and Brimstone can now only be cast when the Warlock has at least 1 Burning Ember active.


  • Elite versions of Quivering Filth should now have a chance to drop Half-Empty Food Container.

Pet Battles

  • Pet Abilities
    • Blackout Kick should now correctly have a 100% chance to hit.
    • Deep Freeze should now only stun 100% of the time when target is chilled.
    • Fury of 1,000 Fists should now only stun 100% of the time when target is blinded.
    • Surge of Light should now only stun 100% of the time when the weather is darkness.

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios

  • Throne of Thunder
    • Dark Animus
      • Anima Golems now generate more threat when attacking their current target.
    • Durumu the Forgotten
      • Crimson Fog and Azure Fog should now properly remain visible after being revealed by cones of light.

Battlegrounds and Arenas

  • Deepwind Gorge capture points will now properly use the faction you have been assigned to when capturing mines.


  • Champion’s Purse should now always award a Champion’s Seal again.

Battlefield: Barrens

  • Goblin Kor’kron Commanders’ Throw Dynamite ability now deals 40% less damage.
  • Shaman Kor’kron Commanders’ Crackling Fury will now only increase in damage by 50% each jump, down from 200%.
  • Warrior Kor’kron Commanders will now only cast Titanic Thunderclap when there are enemies within 10 yards.
  • Some Kor’kron Commander abilities will no longer target or affect pets and totems.
  • Fixed an issue where Overturned Caravans were despawning earlier than intended.

Brawler’s Guild

  • Challenge Card quests can now be completed while in a raid. Note that credit for defeating a boss will not be shared amongst party or raid members.
  • Anthracite will now reset properly when a player dies or leaves the arena and can no longer be attacked by players spectating the fight.

Bug Fixes

  • Achievement: Waste Not, Want Not should now be properly awarded to players that satisfied all but the Cooldown Power-Up requirement.
  • Sound effects should no longer be cut out in areas with a large number of ambient sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where some sounds were not playing correctly during boss fights.
  • Fixed an issue where the raid warning sound was not playing correctly.