Weitere Erläuterungen zum In Game Store

Mit dem letzten PTR-Update für WoW Patch 5.4 hat ein mit “In Game Store”-geflaggter Zauber für einige Diskussionen gesorgt. Im offiziellen Forum hat Bashiok nun nochmal näher Stellung dazu bezogen.

Zum einen soll das System vorangetrieben werden, so dass auch die In-game-Gegenstände aus dem Blizzard Shop, wie Reittiere oder Haustiere, innerhalb des Spiels gekauft werden können, so dass man dafür nicht erst das Spiel verlassen muss.

Zu Beginn werden neue Arten von Gegenständen im asiatischen Raum getestet werden, die auf dem Feedback der Spieler basieren. Dabei handelt es sich zum einen um einen Erfahrungsbuff für das Leveln und zum anderen um einen alternativen Weg für Geringe Amulette des Glücks.

Den In Game Store werden wir auch auf dem PTR näher ansehen können.

Zitat von: Bashiok (Quelle)
Thanks for all the feedback so far, everyone. We’re still pretty early in the exploration process, but we did want to go into more detail about our rationale for introducing an in-game store, as well as provide some insight into what you might ultimately see available there.

For players who are already interested in the in-game items we offer, such as Pet Store pets and mounts, the benefits of an in-game store are pretty clear. We think everyone would appreciate the convenience of being able to make such purchases without having to leave the game, and ultimately that’s our long-term goal for the system, though there’s quite a bit of work involved in retrofitting those existing items into the new system.

First, we’ll be testing the in-game store with some new kinds of items we’re looking into introducing (in Asian regions, at the outset) based on player feedback: specifically, an experience buff to assist with the leveling process, as well as an alternate way to acquire Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. We’ve had a lot of requests from players in different regions for convenience-oriented items such as these, and as with other new ideas we’ve introduced as WoW has evolved—including Pet Store pets, mounts, and more—your feedback plays a hugely important part in determining what we add to the game.

Ultimately it’s still too early in the process to make any final determinations about our plans, but in the meantime, we hope you’ll check out the in-game store once it’s implemented on the PTR and let us know what you think.