WoD: Heroische Instanzen sollen schwerer werden

Mit Warlords of Draenor kehrt World of Warcraft zurück zum alten Instanzensystem. Das bedeutet, dass es wieder jeweils eine normale und eine heroische Variante der Instanzen geben wird. Im offiziellen Forum gab es nun den Vorschlag, dass man doch auch für die 5-Mann Instanzen den Mythicmodus einführen könnte. Vielen Spielern sind die Instanzen nicht mehr schwer genug.

Community-Mitarbeiter Taepsilum hat sich nun in den Thread eingeschaltet und ausführlich erklärt warum man dies nicht machen wird. Dabei hat er auch erklärt, dass die Heroischen Instanzen mit Warlords of Draenor deutlich schwerer sein werden als mit Mists of Pandaria. Sie werden allerdings nicht den Schwierigkeitsgrad wie die Instanzen aus Burning Crusade erreichen.

Allerdings wären vielleicht vereinzelte sehr schwere Instanzen wie damals “Der Steinerne Kern” in Cataclysm möglich. Man sei aktuell noch dabei die Schwierigkeitsgrade zu tunen und herauszuarbeiten. Das Ziel sei es die Schwierigkeit des Vortexgipfel aus Cataclysm zu erreichen.

Klar ist, dass man für die ganz große Herausforderung den Herausforderungsmodus eingeführt hat. Somit gibt es insgesamt drei Schwierigkeitsgrade: Normaler Modus, Heroischer Modus und Herausforderungsmodus.

Zitat von: Taepsilum (Quelle)
I’d like to start out by saying that we’re completely aware of the demand from the community for dungeons at a very high difficulty level.

As you know, WoD will (re)introduce the normal and heroic difficulties for 5man’s at max level, which is already a very nice change in my opinion.
There are players who have been playing WoW for a very long time, they’re extremely skilled and will only be satisfied with the highest level of difficulty that we throw at them, that’s “perfect entertainment” for this type of players.
We also know that not everyone can raid in very high difficulty environments due to its big time commitment. Sometimes life changes, and suddenly instead of 3-4 hours every 2 days, some of these players will only have 1 or 2 hours, and that makes shorter/smaller instances with the same difficulty level as “mythic” an extremely appealing concept.

Challenge modes will probably be interesting for some of these players, but we also know that when people talk about TBC heroic 5man difficulty levels, they’re not talking about mindless zerg/rush timed runs. They’re talking about planning, strategy, CC, improvisation, randomness and sheer insane mobs/bosses power, but the “timed” part is still an important concept in game design to keep everyone on their toes.

We know all that, and we’re doing our very best to provide the most diverse content we can for the next expansion.
Your feedback can change a lot of things, just keep providing it and we’ll be sure to recognize your needs, devs are very interested in high quality feedback, and it can go a long way in changing some priorities during the development of WoD.

Having said that, the current planned difficulty scheme for 5mans at max level is Normal, Heroic and Challenge mode.
Right off the bat, we can clearly say that WoD heroics will be much harder than MoP heroics.
Now, we’re not actually planning in making them as hard as the hardest heroics of all time, like the hardest from TBC, or GB and Stonecore from Cata, but nothing is set in stone yet, we’re still thinking about what will be the right difficulty level for anything WoD, and your continued feedback will definitely help us find that elusive sweet spot for a perfect tiered difficulty system.

We also think that we can rework a little bit the whole concept of challenge modes, right now people tend to think about them as purely timed runs, but they can be so much more than that.
I mean, the “timed part” doesn’t necessarily have to imply disregard for control and strategy; hopefully, we’ll be able to make challenge modes much more compelling to the highest skilled players out there, especially those that can’t raid but want to experience equivalent difficulty content to mythic raids in a 5man environment.
If you have any particular views on the subject, I’d love to hear what would be the “perfect challenge mode” for you, specifically in regards to reward structure and gameplay philosophy concepts.