Weitere Aktualisierung der Beta Patchnotes

Blizzard hat wieder einmal die Patchnotes für die Beta von Warlords of Draenor aktualisiert. Dabei gab es erneut ausschließlich weitere Anpassungen für die Klassen.

Getroffen hat es dieses Mal den Magier, den Druiden, den Priester, den Schamanen und den Krieger. Die ausführlichsten Anpassungen gab es für den Krieger und den Priester. Wie immer haben wir für euch die Änderungen aus den ausführlichen Patchnotes raussortiert, so dass ihr alle auf einen Blick sehen könnt.

Zitat von: Rygarius (Quelle)
  • Tremor Totem is no longer usable while under the effects of Fear, Charm, or Sleep.



  • Dream of Cenarius
    • Balance: The talent has been redesigned for Balance Druids and now causes Moonfire and Sunfire casts with Lunar or Solar Peak to also heal a random injured ally. Casting Healing Touch no longer increases the damage bonus of the Druid’s next Eclipse. Eclipse now causes the Druid’s next Healing Touch to become instant cast and reset the cooldown on Starsurge.


Frost Changes

  • The Brain Freeze effect now increases Frostfire Bolt’s damage by 25%, and can now stack up to 2 times. It also no longer triggers from the Bomb Talents, and instead has a 10% chance to trigger from Frostbolt casts. Each Multistrike of Frostbolt increases that cast’s chance by an additional 60% 100% on double-Multistrikes).
  • (Updated)

    Talent Revisions

  • From Darkness, Comes Light has been split into two abilities depending on the Priest’s specialization.
    • Surge of Darkness (Shadow) now has a maximum of 3 charges (up from 2) and can now also trigger its effect from Devouring Plague, but its chance to trigger has been reduced to 10% (down from 20%) to compensate.
    • Surge of Light (Discipline, Holy) activation chance has been reduced to 10% (down from 15%).
  • Solace and Insanity has been split into Power Word: Solace for Discipline and Holy, and Insanity for Shadow.
    • Insanity has been changed to cause consuming Shadow Orbs to transform Mind Flay into Insanity for 2 seconds per Shadow Orb consumed.
  • Twist of Fate now only triggers from healing for Discipline and Holy Priests, and only triggers from damage for Shadow Priests.
  • (Updated)

    Elemental Overload and Molten Earth

    One of the new secondary stats Multistrike, functions very similarly to Elemental Overload. We wanted to keep Mastery and Multistrike feeling distinct, but also know how iconic and important Elemental Overload is for Elemental Shaman. So, we decided to merge the two together with Multistrike driving Elemental Overload, and give the Elemental specialization a new Mastery. For the new Mastery, we wanted to strengthen the Elemental Shaman’s connection to earth energies, and added damage that continues while the Shaman is moving. The summary of all this is that if you liked Mastery before, favor Multistrike instead for the same effect. Or try out the new Mastery: Molten Earth. Chain Lightning was also improved significantly to offset the fact that Elemental Overload was a massive buff to it, but Molten Earth is not.

  • Chain Lightning’s damage has been increased by 50%.
  • Restoration Changes

  • Elemental Blast now also grants increased Spirit for Restoration Shaman, in addition to the random secondary stat. Spirit amount granted is equal to double the random secondary stat amount.
  • Riptide’s healing has been adjusted to put significantly more of it into the initial heal. The initial heal amount has been increased by 70%, while the periodic healing amount has been reduced by 20%.
  • (Updated)

    Ability Consolidation and Refinement

  • Thunder Clap now costs 10 15 Rage, and also reduces the movement speed of nearby enemies by 50% for 6 sec.
  • Stance Changes

  • Wild Strike now requires Battle Stance.
  • Arms Changes

  • Battle Stance for Arms Warriors now generates 67% 140% more Rage from auto-attacks and Critical Strikes now generate double Rage.
  • Colossus Smash now costs 20 30 Rage, deals 225% increased damage, and no longer increases the damage of Slam.
  • Execute for Arms Warriors now costs 10 Rage, and consumes up to 30 40 additional Rage to deal additional damage.
  • Mortal Strike now costs 20 30 Rage (instead of generating 10 Rage).
  • Talent Changes

    • Sudden Death causes auto-attack hits to have a 10% chance to make the next Execute free and useable on any target, regardless of health level.
    • Piercing Howl is now available to all Fury Warriors as a baseline ability.
  • Disrupting Shout has been removed and replaced with 3 new talents that vary by specialization.
    • Arms: Slam: Slam an opponent, causing 100% weapon damage. Each consecutive use of Slam increases the damage dealt by 50% and Rage cost by 100%. Requires Battle Stance.