Die Beta Patchnotes haben ein weiteres Update erhalten

Am vergangenen Freitag haben die Patchnotes der Beta von Warlords of Draenor ein weiteres Update erhalten. Erneut gab es einige Klassenänderungen. Nachdem die Schamanen das Totem des Erdstoßes nicht mehr benutzen können, wenn sie unter einem Kontrolleffekt stehen, wurde dessen Dauer von 6 Sekunden auf 10 Sekunden angehoben.

Der Frost-Todesritter hat erneut ein paar größere Anpassungen erhalten. Beim Krieger hingegen hat Blizzard einmal den Rotstift gezückt und die Haltungs-Beschränkungen verschiedener Fähigkeiten ersatzlos gestrichen. Ansonsten wurden nur kleine Änderungen beim Schurken, Mönch, Schamanen und Jäger vorgenommen. Wie immer könnt ihr das alles ausführlich in den Patchnotes nachlesen.

Zitat von: Rygarius (Quelle)
  • (Updated)
  • Paladin

    • and replaced with Blinding Light.


    • Tremor Totem is no longer usable while under the effects of Fear, Charm, or Sleep, but its duration has been increased to 10 seconds (up from 6 seconds).


  • Rune of Cinderglacier has been removed.
  • Frost Changes

    In Mists of Pandaria, Frost Death Knights suffered from rotations that were designed to allow flexibility in ability usage, so that you could pool some resources in order to make decisions about which ones you spent and in which order. Dual Wield vs Two-Handed had different rotational priorities, with different strengths and weaknesses. However, tuning ended up such that you reached a point where you just had to spend all of your resources as fast as possible to avoid wasting any, and all of that depth went out the window. For Warlords, we’ve adjusted the tuning of several abilities and passives, to ensure that that doesn’t happen again, and the rotational decisions and skill are maintained.

    The goal is that Two-Handed Frost Death Knights favor their physical damage, slicing through their enemies with heavy Obliterates, whereas Dual-Wielders favor blasting their foes with frost damage, but both overlap considerably to maintain a cohesive specialization.

    • Frost Strike’s damage has been increased by 100%, but its Runic Power cost has been increased by 5 (up to 25 Runic Power in Frost Presence, and 40 Runic Power in other Presences).
    • Might of the Frozen Wastes now increases the damage of Obliterate by 50% (up from 40%) while wielding a two-handed weapon, and increases the damage of Frost Strike by 50% (up from 35%) while dual-wielding.
    • Razorice now deals 4% additional weapon damage (up from 2%), and increases Frost damage by 4% per stack (up from 3%).
    • Obliterate’s damage has been increased by 30%.


    • Level-60 rune regeneration talents can now be triggered by all Runic Power spenders. the following abilities at a rate proportional to their Runic Power costs: Breath of Sindragosa, Conversion, Dark Simulacrum, Mind Freeze (glyphed), Outbreak (glyphed), and Raise Ally (unglyphed).
      • Blood Tap now generates one charge for every 15 Runic Power spent.
      • Runic Empowerment now has a 1.5% chance to trigger per Runic Power spent.
      • Runic Corruption now has a 1.5% chance to trigger per Runic Power spent.


    Hunter Pet Abilities

    We did a comprehensive pass on Hunter pet abilities. As mentioned above in Crowd Control and Diminishing Returns, all full crowd-control abilities have been removed from Hunter pets and replaced those with new abilities, including spreading some that were previously restricted to exotic pets. Additionally, Hunters can now tame beasts from new pet families.

    • Hunters may now tame beasts from 3 new pet families.
      • Hydra
      • Rylak Hook Wasp (Exotic)
      • Riverbeast
    • Increased Haste buff: Rylak Hook Wasp, Hyena, Sporebat, Wasp
    • Increased Stamina buff: Bear, Goat, Rylak Hook Wasp, Silithid
    • Updraft Flutter: Slows the fall speed of both itself and the hunter for 30 seconds.


    Ability Consolidation and Refinement

  • Uplift now follows standard area-of-effect capping rules, diminishing in effectiveness beyond 6 targets.
  • (Updated)

    Elemental Overload and Molten Earth

    One of the new secondary stats Multistrike, functions very similarly to Elemental Overload. We wanted to keep Mastery and Multistrike feeling distinct, but also know how iconic and important Elemental Overload is for Elemental Shaman. So, we decided to merge the two together with Multistrike driving Elemental Overload, and give the Elemental specialization a new Mastery. For the new Mastery, we wanted to strengthen the Elemental Shaman’s connection to earth energies, and added damage that continues while the Shaman is moving. The summary of all this is that if you liked Mastery before, favor Multistrike instead for the same effect. Or try out the new Mastery: Molten Earth. Chain Lightning and Earthquake were also improved significantly to offset the fact that Elemental Overload was a massive buff to it, but Molten Earth is not.

  • Earthquake’s damage has been increased by 33%.
  • (Updated)

    Ability Consolidation and Refinement

    • Burst of Speed now costs 20 Energy (up from 15 Energy).


    Ability Pruning

  • Mocking Banner is now available only to Protection Warriors.
  • Stance Changes

    • Attempting to use an ability that requires a different stance will now automatically switch to that stance.
  • Hamstring now requires Battle Stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Intervene now requires Defensive Stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Mass Spell Reflection now requires Defensive Stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Mocking Banner now requires Defensive Stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Rallying Cry now requires Defensive Stance.
  • Revenge now requires Defensive Stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Safeguard now requires Defensive Stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Shield Slam now requires Defensive stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Spell Reflection now requires Defensive Stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Sweeping Strikes now requires Battle Stance.
  • Taunt now requires Defensive Stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Thunder Clap now requires Defensive Stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Vigilance now requires Defensive Stance or Gladiator Stance.
  • Whirlwind now requires Battle Stance.
  • Wild Strike now requires Battle Stance.
  • Arms Changes

    • Battle Stance for Arms Warriors now generates 115% 67% more Rage from auto-attacks and Critical Strikes now generate double Rage.
    • Defensive Stance for Arms Warriors now generates 50% as much Rage from auto-attacks as in Battle Stance.
    • Arms Warriors now generate Rage from taking auto-attack damage. Each 1% of health taken as damage will generate 1 Rage, up to 5 Rage per hit.
    • Rend is a new ability for Arms Warriors.
      • Rend causes bleed damage over 18 seconds, and a final burst of bleed damage when the effect expires. Costs 5 Rage.