Road to BlizzCon: Interview mit ThatsAdmirable

Willkommen zur neuesten Ausgabe der Road to BlizzCon. Auch heute präsentieren wir euch wieder ein Interview von Blizzard mit einem bekannten Hearthstone Spieler. ThatsAdmirable wurde schnell zu einem sehr bekannten Spieler in der Community von Hearthstone. Das lag vor allem an seinem tollen und informativen Stil während seiner Streams.

Zu Hearthstone kam er aufgrund der Ästhetik und der tollen Spielweise des Spiels. Sein liebstes Deck ist das DURID. Dann erzählt er auch wie seine Vorgänger, welches Match für ihn am verrücktesten war, wie er Decks testet, wie er eine Karte designen würde, welche Gegner er meiden würde und das er Gegner in eine Eule statt ein Schaf verwandeln würde.

The Hearthstone Americas Championship Qualifier Tournament is fast approaching, and qualified card-slingers will soon be dueling for the chance to head to the Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon 2014, where they’ll compete for glory and a $250,000 prize pool.

The players that will be competing in the Championship Qualifier have earned their spots in a variety of ways, such as winning invitational tournaments, conquering community tournaments, or exhibiting excellence in ranked play.

Each one of these worthy competitors has victory on their minds, but each of them also brings their own unique spark to the journey as well!  Join us as we get to know the people behind the decks: Their stories, their favorite decks, how they convince Ragnaros to hit their intended target, and more!


ThatsAdmirable has rapidly become one of the most well-known players in the Hearthstone community due in large part to his high energy, informative casting style. However, long before emerging as one of the most entertaining casters on the scene, ThatsAdmirable was blazing a trail across the North American ladder, finishing #4 in Hearthstone’s initial season. He can often be found streaming or casting, praising players for their ‘huuuuuuuuuge’ plays.

What got you into Hearthstone?

Well… the long winded answer involves when I first started playing games, and an adventurous journey to 2013. But, we’ll say the aesthetics and wonderful game play!

 What is your favorite deck to play?


What’s your favorite/craziest play you’ve ever made in Hearthstone?

Hex turn three on StrifeCro’s 2/1 Harvest Golem (Not the token, a Harvest Golem with 2 damage taken). The tempo eventually allowed me to take control of the game.

What’s your process for testing decks? When does a deck officially become a success?

I really like playing my own brews when possible. I absolutely love Druid, and the flexibility it allows means you can often make small changes that mean big results. If a build has been fluidly working, I usually take it with me when it counts.

If you could design a card, what would it be?

A Legendary that changes forms based on what class it’s being played in. (A newer player’s first Legendary, if you will.)

Are there any players you’re looking forward to or nervous about playing against?

I’d love to play against Reynad again!

If you could make Polymorph turn a minion into something other than a sheep, what would it be?

An owl!

How does one go about making a deal with Ragnaros?

I hear El Señor del Fuego deals in otherworldly currencies…

What are you passionate about outside of Hearthstone and other video games?

Out… side… of… Hearthstone?