Frage der Woche: Hat Warlords of Draenor zu wenig Content?

In dieser Woche wollen wir von euch wissen, ob aus eurer Sicht Warlords of Draenor zu wenig Content bietet. Ein Spieler im offiziellen Forum hatte einen entsprechenden Thread eröffnet, in dem sich auch Community Manager Bashiok mit einer ausführlichen Antwort beteiligte.

Der Spieler, der sich darüber beschwert, dass es zu wenig Content gibt, ist Level 100, hat alle Quests der Zonen erledigt, vier WoD Ruffraktionen auf Ehrfürchtig, alle Berufe auf dem maximalen Level, den Legendary 690er Ring, volles episches 655er Equip (er macht nur LFR) und auch Ashran komplett durch.

War das nun alles an Content für einen Spieler, der keinen Wert darauf legt, den Raid in all seinen Schwierigkeitsgraden zu durchlaufen? Verfolgt man die Kommentare, die auf seine Frage folgen, dann stimmen ihm viele Spieler zu.

Bashiok hat im Thread mittels dreier Bluepost sehr ausführlich dargelegt, dass es natürlich einen Unterschied macht, welchen Raid-Schwierigkeitsgrad man spielt und diese nicht einfach nur leicht härter sind, aber ansonsten das gleiche. Er stellt heraus, dass es natürlich auch in einem MMO darum geht mit anderen Spielern zu spielen und viele Aktivitäten von den Spielern selbst ausgehen.

Aber ihn würde sehr interessieren, was denn den Spielern fehlt? Was fehlt aktuell im Vergleich zu anderen Erweiterungen? Was habt ihr zu diesem Zeitpunkt (3 Monate nach Release) in den anderen Erweiterungen getan?

Wenn man dann noch aktuell sieht, dass Patch 6.1 vor allem ein Patch ist, der Lebensqualitätsverbesserungen und Gimmicks ins Spiel bringt (neben der Fortführung der Kampagnen-Quests), dann führt das alles zu einer Frage:

Hat Warlords of Draenor zu wenig Content? Und wenn ja, was fehlt euch an Content in WoD? Wir freuen uns sehr auf eure Meinungen!

Zitat von: Bashiok (Quelle)
Pretty impressive! It sounds like you’ve been dedicating quite a bit of time to your character. I will say, raid difficulties like Normal and higher really are not just ‘the same thing but slightly harder’, because they require interacting and working with other players to overcome unique obstacles. Looks like you’ve made a sort of solo guild for yourself (?) and so that can also potentially be a deficit in content in an MMO where a lot of times the things you’re doing are initiated by or in cooperation with friends and guild mates, and having that team of people to play with can pretty dramatically change the game experience.

But anyway, all of that aside, what activities were you doing at this point in other expansions? I think it’d be helpful to understand what kinds of content were so sustaining for you previously that no longer exist.

Zitat von: Bashiok (Quelle)
Hah, well maybe not entirely, but there’s a pretty massive difference in the gameplay experience between Raid Finder and Normal. I would go out on a limb and say that it’s so dramatic that they should be considered separate pieces of content. Of course as more and more people outgear Normal it won’t be quite as distinctive, but certainly when content first becomes available they are pretty vastly different gaming experiences.
Zitat von: Bashiok (Quelle)
The group finder is awesome, and I’m glad you’re using it, but I have to say opting into content that way just isn’t the same as ad-hoc situations with friends and guild mates. A friend says “DUDES this guy is camping me” and everyone rushes out to help, or you help a guildy in an old dungeon or to kill a rare they can’t quite down themselves, or a friend asks if you want to go do a run (that you don’t need anything from), and you help because you want to support your friend’s character. Or your guild has Sunday transmog runs and you really get into transmogging, or they do achievement runs, or your guild’s Heroic-progression group is short a DPS one night and hey, they bring you along! And sure you get carried a bit but you have fun chatting with people, and you even get a couple pieces! And better yet you then become part of their regular rotation, you make friends, you chat outside of game, you meet up at BlizzCon, etc. etc. etc. People are important in an MMORPG. The Premade Groups tool is great, but it really isn’t going to do any of the things that occur from being in an active guild or having active friends to play with, and working together to ensure each others’ success. It can though be a stepping stone into that social experience, if you want it to be.

In any case I do appreciate the other feedback and points. I think both alt-friendly content and dungeons are always a good place to focus our attention. To your point about JP we are improving some of the reward structure for Apexis in 6.1 which should help maybe address your point of going after upgrades through other content, and separately will have some new reasons to revisit dungeons.

As a final note I will say that it’s not always necessarily a problem to be “complete” until the next piece of content comes along. Blackrock Foundry is out in less than two weeks, and I would recommend giving Normal a shot when it does hit, but we also have 6.1 on the PTR, and future patches in the oven. A tremendous amount of people are using the new Premade Groups finder to progress from LFR to Normal (and beyond), whereas those same people were stopping at LFR in Mists, and so statistically it’s been quite successful as a feature. But everyone has to make their own decisions about playing and what they consider good enough, and at what point they’re happy with the progression of their character. For some people that’s going to be they saw all the bosses in LFR once and they’re good, and for others it’s going to be they need 5 100’s in full Warforged Mythic. Those are the extremes, but everyone makes those decisions for themselves.