PvP Ausrüstung: Erklärung für die Zufälligkeit bei den Werten

Community Manager Lore hat sich nun im offiziellen Forum zur Zufälligkeit der Werte bei der PvP Ausrüstung geäußert. Er nahm auch dazu Stellung, dass man mit dem Erhalt der neuen Ausrüstung zu den Fokus auf Ashran und die Gewerteten Schlachtfelder legt.

In einem sehr ausführlichen Bluepost erklärt Lore, dass Blizzard zwei verschiedene Typen von PvP Spielern mit dem System erreichen möchte. Es gibt Spieler, die sich allein über die Wertung im PvP motivieren und eine immer höhere erreichen möchten.

Dann gibt es Spieler, die sich über die Eroberungspunkte immer bessere Ausrüstung kaufen wollen, um mit dieser dann ihre Gegner entsprechend zu vernichten. Die typische Ausrüstungs-Möhre ist also auch für diese Spieler eine Motivation.

Nun ist es für Blizzard die Herausforderung für beide Spielertypen eine Lösung zu finden. Mit Warlords hat man nun den Weg gesucht, bei dem man recht schnell an Ausrüstung kommt, mit der man seine Wertung verbessern kann, aber es auch später noch immer etwas gibt, auf das man hinarbeiten kann. So kam man zum aktuellen System. Ein Spieler, der die komplette Eroberungs-Ausrütung beim Händler gekauft hat, kann damit absolut den Gladiator-Titel erreichen.

Das hat zwar nicht unbedingt die besten Werte für die jeweilige Klasse, aber es reicht für das Ziel des Gladiators. Der Unterschied zwischen BestinSlot und dieser Ausrüstung sei minimal. Trotz allem haben sie erkannt, dass es nicht ideal ist, dass man die BiS-Ausrüstung nur in Ashran oder über Gewertete Schlachtfelder bekommt. Sie schauen sich aktuell ein paar Optionen an, wie man das noch ändern kann, auch wenn er keine Versprechungen machen will.

Zitat von: Lore (Quelle)
Okay, so, lots to cover here, and I don’t have answers to every concern, but I’ll try to hit what I can.

Let me start by saying that we are absolutely not ignoring or disregarding your feedback. I know that we’ve said that a lot, and I know that it’s a hard line to believe when you’re not seeing an immediate reaction or response to it. Truth is, we completely understand and even agree with a lot of the feedback we get, we just can’t always immediately act on it. Sometimes changes can’t be hotfixed and have to wait for a patch. Sometimes the right way to fix an issue has a lot of side effects that also need to be addressed, which makes it better suited for an expansion.

Of course, sometimes we just disagree. It’s important, I think, to draw a distinction between “disagreed” and “disregarded.” Every day, we have debates and discussions internally that are based on feedback we’ve received. Sometimes we agree with that feedback, and sometimes we don’t, but we always consider and discuss it.

Which brings me to the titular argument in this thread: that randomness in PvP gearing is inherently bad and should be removed entirely. We’ve talked about it a lot. It’s been an almost daily topic of conversation here for months. We’ve argued back and forth, we’ve looked for every angle and perspective we can find, we’ve argued some more, and yes, we’ve experienced it ourselves in our own playtime. We disagree. Here’s why:

There are two main rewards for participating in rated PvP. One of those is, obviously, rating. The higher your rating, the better you rank on the ladder, and the better your cosmetic rewards (titles, achievements, etc.) will be at the end of the season. For a lot of players, that’s the “real” game, and gearing is just sort of this thing that you have to do for a while first. That’s a completely valid way to enjoy the game.

The other reward is the gear you earn via Conquest points. For many players, PvP is about killing other players, so you can get better loot, so you can kill other players harder. They don’t particularly care about being the very best, they just want to have a fun time stomping on people. For this type of player, being fully geared is actually where the game ends. Once they can’t possibly stomp any harder, the game starts to lose its appeal. This is also a completely valid way to enjoy the game.

Our challenge, then, is in finding a way to satisfy both types of player as much as possible, despite the fact that their opinions on what makes the game fun are often completely at odds with each other. So, our goal with gearing in Warlords was to let people get enough gear to start pushing for rating relatively quickly, while still making sure there was something left to earn once you’re there.

That’s how we landed on the current system. A player wearing a full set of Conquest gear they bought from a vendor is completely capable of earning Gladiator. It might not have your completely optimal stat distribution, but the difference is minor at most. Put another way, if you’re losing rating, it’s not because you have Multistrike instead of Versatility on your bracers. Still, if you’re the sort of player who’s PvPing for the gear, it gives you something of at least some small value to continue to earn.

So, why RNG and not, say, making Versatility gear purchasable after 27k? Simply put, we don’t think that would actually feel any better for either type of player. It would make the gear grind longer for players who just want to push rating (as you wouldn’t have been able to earn any of it until you were fully geared), and the type of player who just wants to be able to smash people would lose out on the chance to get a little bit ahead of everyone else earlier on.

All that being said, we agree that it’s not ideal for the only methods of earning that gear to be Ashran or Rated BGs. I can’t make any promises, but we’re exploring some options to make it available through other forms of PvP. Just keep in mind that we do want there to be some extra incentive to participate in RBGs and Ashran.

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