Crithto verlässt Blizzard: Goodbye, kleiner Mops!

Im Leben eines Menschen kommt es vor, dass er andere Wege geht, als man es erwartet hat. Dann ist man überrascht, erstaunt und auch ein wenig traurig. So erging es uns gerade, als wir erfahren haben, dass Community Manager Crithto seine Sachen packt und Blizzard schon sehr, sehr bald verlassen wird.

Chad ‘Crithto’ Wingerd sei die Entscheidung, World of Warcraft und sein Team zu verlassen, natürlich nicht leicht gefallen, lässt er uns in seinem Abschieds-Bluepost wissen. So habe er sogar einen Tag, bevor er allen erzählte, dass er gehen wird, einige dicke Tränen vergießen müssen. Nachvollziehbar, immerhin habe sich das alles immer wie “Zuhause” angefühlt…

Ungewohnt offene Worte eines Mannes, aber wenn man schon seit 2007 in einem so großartigen Unternehmen angestellt ist, wird das Herz vermutlich ziemlich schwer.

Morgen (8. Oktober) wird sein letzter Tag im Office von Blizzard sein, was mit Sicherheit in einer großen Abschiedsfete mit vielen alten Geschichten, vielen Erinnerungen und Umarmungen enden wird.

Besonders Schade: Chad wird auch nicht auf der nahenden BlizzCon anzutreffen sein. Wenn ihr euch verabschieden wollt, dann sendet ihm doch einen Tweet. Wir sind uns sicher, dass er sich sehr darüber freuen wird.

Machs gut, Crithto!


Zitat von: Crithto (Quelle)
When my best friend suggested I try to get a job at Blizzard in late 2007, I stopped what I was doing in game, alt-tabbed to my web browser, and checked out the job listings. Sure enough, Game Master positions were open and I thought, what the heck? It wasn’t long before the Community Team accepted me into their ranks, and it’s made all the difference. Fast-forward to today, and I still cannot believe how my life has changed, how I’ve grown as a professional and a person by being a member of the Blizzard family. From my first BlizzCon in 2008, to the orc statue being installed on campus, from the Crithto NPC being added to the game, to seeing the Warcraft film go from being a dream to a reality, my time here has certainly been extremely meaningful.

What is probably the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make was to choose to move on to a new opportunity that was recently offered to me. I’ll get to face new challenges and really push my skills as a relationship builder and communicator, but none of this would be possible if it weren’t for my time and experience here at Blizzard. Candidly speaking, the day before I let my managers know I had decided to leave, I cried . . . a lot more than I should probably admit, but I did.

Blizzard’s games, my teammates, co-workers, and everything about being here and a part of this incredible community for these many years have meant so much to me, I can barely give these genuine emotions enough justice through written words. In a recent email to a close friend, I explained that Blizzard has felt like a “home” to me in the truest sense of the word. And the timing sure made my decision all the more difficult, too, given that my last day will be tomorrow (October 8) and I won’t be able to see some of you at BlizzCon as a Blizzard employee (though I do hope to attend).

I can’t thank all of you enough for your love and support, the weird pug pictures you’ve sent me on Twitter, and for your genuine passion for this game and all things Blizzard. I may be stepping down as “Crithto”, but I will always remain a fellow gamer, and I’m sure we’ll cross paths at some point again in the near future. /Respect, /Hug, /Farewell!