WoW Legion: Offizielle Vorschau auf die Dämoneninvasionen in Azeroth

Schon einige Male hatten wir über die Dämoneninvasionen berichtet, die vor dem Release der neuen Erweiterung WoW: Legion über ganz Azeroth einfallen werden. Blizzard hat zu diesen nun eine offizielle Vorschau veröffentlicht und Angaben zu den Startzeiten gemacht.

So sollen die Invasionen in der zweiten oder dritten Augustwoche starten – spätestens zum 17. August 2016 werdet ihr die ersten Angriffspunkte der Brennenden Legion im Spiel finden können. Diese besitzen jeweils vier verschiedene Phasen, von denen jede Nethersplitter als Belohnung bereithält.

Eine Woche nach dem eigentlichen Start der Angriffe auf Azeroth, werden diese noch viel intensiver und bösere Schergen machen sich in den alten Gebieten breit. Dadurch sollen auch die Chancen steigen, dass ihr die Erfolge erhalten könnt, die es nur während des Pre-Events im Spiel gibt.

Während ihr die Invasionen zurückschlagt, erhaltet ihr weitere Nethersplitter, die ihr dann für bestimmte Transmogrifikationsgegenstände oder gar Items, die euren Charakter noch verbessern könnten, ausgeben könnt.

Zitat von: Blizzard (Quelle)
There’s a World of Warcraft: Legion pre-expansion patch coming soon, and that means a great number of changes and improvements will be finding their way into the game. We’ve recently outlined several reasons to get ready for it all here and here.Today, we’d like to take a closer look at the some of the content that will be coming to Azeroth in the weeks after the pre-expansion patch.

Incursions and Diversions

Around the second or third week of August (no later than August 17 globally), after you’ve had time to play around with the patch and get a feel for the changes, some angry invaders are going to start dropping out of the skies over Azeroth.

You’ll be able to identify where the invasions are currently happening by looking at your world map. As quickly as you can, head out to the zone that’s under attack and lend your aid to the defense of Azeroth.

Each demon invasion takes place in four stages, and each stage ends with a reward of Nethershards—and sometimes a chest. That means it’s always a good time to rush out and fight the Legion.

A week after the invasions begin, the Legion’s assault will begin to intensify. Then, a week after that, the demonic onslaught will intensify even more, increasing your chances to complete the event-only achievements Stand Against The Legion (for completing one invasion) and Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions (for completing invasions in all six locations).

Loot Intensifies

When you participate in demon invasions and receive Nethershards, take note of them. Collect enough, and you can spend them on all sorts of transmogrification armor (there will be four ensembles available: cloth, leather, mail, and plate), new pieces for your neck, fingers, back, and trinket slots, as well as the event-only Felbat Pup battle pet, among and other useful items.

Speaking of weapons, you’ll always want to loot the stage 2 and stage 4 bosses in demon invasions, as they have a chance to drop one of 16 event-only weapons, such as Fel Barbed Spear or Hellfury Longbow. At item level 700, these weapons might be more than a transmogrification collection item for you—they might be the perfect thing to pick up and swing at the face of the nearest demon!

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One more item that we’d like to tell you about is a new toy that will be available during the Demon Invasions: the Pocket Fel Spreader. It’s not actually a good idea to leave it in your pocket, but it is a great idea to figure out how to obtain one of these tainted trifles—because this may be your only chance.

For Azeroth!