1) You have often spoken about the importance of guilds for the game. Many players are continuously sending mails in asking for more guild support like player housing, bank slots for guilds, guild rosters Ingame etc. Are there any plans to patch that in or is that probably content for an expansion?

We’ve received many excellent guild-related suggestions, and we hope these will continue to come in. We have a lot of ideas that we’re not yet ready to discuss, but a number of things are on the table. While we can definitely appreciate and relate to players’ desire to have these types of features as soon as possible (we want them for ourselves too), we wouldn’t want to take a perfunctory or haphazard approach to something like this. It’s important to us that every aspect of World of Warcraft be designed with purpose and be equally fun and functional for players. Guilds are an essential aspect of World of Warcraft’s social element; once we’ve settled on a guild-related feature list we’ll be excited to share that information with everyone.

2) In the recently released Battle Plans you spoke about new epic quests and items for solo players. These quests should take place mainly in Silithus. Any more detailed information about that? What about the difficulty of those quests?

A bulk of the effort definitely centers around Silithus. That doesn’t rule out future additions, but our immediate content additions for solo and 5-member parties have been added to Silithus. For more details about this newly redesigned zone, please check out the preview on the World of Warcraft website.

3) Like you said several times before, PvP has moved to Battlegrounds in total. You can find almost no more Tarren Mill battles right now. Was this a planned effect? Will you implement features which will force PvP back to the “outdoor world” again?

In fact we do. But what we don’t want is for outdoor PvP to be without focus, and the endless back and forth between Tarren Mill and Southshore. We want to promote more outdoor PvP, but with an achievable objective that provides a focus, and decreases the impact on the gameplay of other players who do not wish to participate in PvP.

4) Can we expect an increase of the current level cap? If yes, when?

In addition to the alternate means of character advancement that we’ve provided or plan to provide in the future, such as the PvP Honor System and Hero Classes, we’ve also spent a good amount of time examining level-60 play and considering the possibility of continued level advancement. It’s too early to get into specifics at this time, but the bottom line is that we are fully committed to keeping the game entertaining and fresh for many years to come.

5) There are more planned instances in the game. Thinking about Medivs Tower or the Caverns of time for example, when can we expect new instances for 5 players? Have you forgotten to continue the great Uldum quests row? :)

We don’t have any current details about a 5 player instance, but as mentioned previously, we have added content in Silithus for 5-member groups.

6) Many players are asking about better social interaction or roleplaying content. Currently we cannot see much social interaction. Most of the time players are looking for instance groups or are doing some quests somewhere. Is there any chance to implement more social features? Think about weddings in church….

We’ve definitely focused a lot more attention on events in the game. Recent additions include the Darkmoon Faire (for which we plan to add more content to in the future), and the weekly Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament. Of course we mix in real world holidays in as well, and the next big holiday will be Halloween. Our goal is to have some event going on at any given time, so that you can log in and decide you want to kick back and enjoy a fun event.

Beyond events, we do want to add more social interactions into the game. The leather ball, and snow ball are great examples of fun items we’ve added to the game that players seem to greatly enjoy, and we want to build on that in the future.

7) We can see tons of players who love the Warcraft Story so much and so many players are reading the Warcraft novels as well. Many players know that there is a Northrend or Draenor. And of course they are asking us questions about the Warcraft universe. Do you plan to add any story driven content into the game? Information about Arthas for example? How is he right now? Or what about the little dwarf Brann who got lost during beta.

No recent sightings of Arthas, I’m afraid to say, but in terms of story-driven content, we are expanding upon the Silithid’s origins with the Silithus polish that is coming soon.

Players will be able to find out more about the mysterious insect-like creatures that are infesting the southern regions of Kalimdor and eventually discover their true story.

The Silithid have also caught the attention of many Azerothian explorers, and the last sighting of Brann Bronzebeard had him leading an exploration team into southern Silithus.

8) Do you plan to add new character customization in the future? Players do also think about haircutters and tattoo shops.

We are aware that this is a popular request, and one we’ve been hearing about for some time. We’ve been hesitant to implement such an idea, mainly because we feel that once a character is made, we don’t want to change their appearance greatly, so that each character has their own unique look. We are aware of players’ desire to have different types of hair style, and while we don’t have definite plans to add such character customizations at this time, we are aware that it is a popular question, and one we are keeping on our list of things to consider.

9) We from worldofwar.de were playing since day 1 of the closed beta. We are still enjoying the game so much and you can say that most of us are hardcore gamers. But we also see the tremendous amount of time and organisation needed to establish Molten Core or Blackwing Lair raid groups. Many players do not have so much time and skill. They are looking for more casual content between level 50 and 60, for example instances like Dire Maul or some new quests which can be done in a few hours. Do you address this as a long term problem or are you satisfied with the feedback of the players given in the forums?

We definitely know that this is a common issue, and I’m happy to say that we have been working to address it in several ways. Part of the challenge of attacking Molten Core or Blackwing Lair is the time required to organize large raid parties to enter these dungeons. We are releasing Zul’Gurub as the first (but definitely not last) 20-man raid dungeon. We are excited about Zul’Gurub, because a 20-man raid group should be easier to assemble than 40, without losing the feeling of being part of a large group. 20 players also means that each person’s contribution is magnified, so everyone must make a valuable contribution to succeed. All in all, players should find Zul’Gurub a very rewarding experience, and we are definitely focusing on releasing more 20-man raid dungeons in the future.
Outside of instances, we are redesigning Silithus to be a major solo, or 5-man group quest hub for players. Silithus will contain many repeatable quests that you can accomplish in a small amount of time to make progress toward bigger rewards.

10) There will be a time after World of Warcraft. Since this is Blizzard”s first MMORPG, do you plan to go back to the roots again doing RTS games or Action Roleplaying Games like Diablo was? Or do you think that the future of gaming is massive online gaming only? Do you plan to still run the battle.net for many more years?

We will definitely inform all our fans when we are ready to discuss future plans. For now, our attention is on making World of Warcraft an even more amazing experience for our fans, and that goal is still right on track. As for Battle.net, as long as players enjoy our games and continue to use the Battle.net service, we will continue to run it.