The german print magazine GameStar features a huge preview in its latest issue. Besides some well-kown screenshots there are some really interesting details revealed. Here are the most important ones including some comments from us:

  • A class Thief is mentioned. We think this must be a mistake and should be approved by an employee of Blizzard Entertainment.

  • No stat-points are allocated like in DAoC when creating a new character.
  • There are really tons of possibilities in character-customization and this is just alpha ….
  • According to GameStar there IS a loss of Exp when dying. This is hard to believe since loosing experience is definitely not planned. In our opinnion this a misunderstanding.
  • Has been revealed yet, but still interesting to some people: new skills and spells can be obtained by solving quests.
  • In this preview it is mentioned that the skill “Language” is only necessary to talk to other race?s NPCs, not to other PCs. Still, this should be confirmed by Blizzard before we can really believe that.
  • Decorations in player?s houses can be chosen from a vast pool of carpets, pictures, accesoires and so on.
  • Crossing Azeroth by foot takes appr. two hours.
  • The more expensive mounts (for instance a black horse instead of a white one) do not offer an increase in speed in comparison to standard mounts but only in the looks.
  • Capacity of transportships is 30 heroes so far.
  • Mages can summon portals leading to the capital?s mage tower.
  • The transparent map known from Diablo II is available in cities like stormwind.
  • There are two prison dungeons in Stormwind.
  • An online-ladder will cover the tournaments organized by Blizzard in the arenas.
  • On a very interesting shot there are a warlock and a mage fighting a bear. The warlock has summoned a felhound but there is a defias thief standing NEXT TO the mage, facing the bear. He is obviously not an enemy.

As mentioned above some facts should not be taken as proven as long as no representative of Blizzard confirmed them, especially the Exp-loss. This issue of GameStar is available tomorrow.