Our man at the scene, Gunslinger was able to hit Beau Yarbrough, Blizzard PR Coordinator with some questions currently discussed within our board community. Now we are proud to present this excluive interview here on WorldofWarcraft.de.

Gunslinger: Regarding the betatesting, will there be a greater participation of non American players?
Beau Yarbrough (B.Y.): Normally we only do beta tests for the US and Canada because of the conntectivity. We know the frustration of all the other gamers but it is better for us to do beta tests in the US only (except some fansites *g*). The WoW Beta Testing is not more described right now. Maybe there will be foreign beta tests…we do not know yet

Gunslinger: How many races will appear in the final version of the game?
B.Y.: Now we have four races, the Humans, the Orcs, the Tauren and the Dwarfs. We are planning to put another four races in the game but first of all we have to check how they will work. All the balancing with skills and spells must be tested. BUT: There will be one more race which will people force to buy the game just to play this race. I cannot tell you which race that is cause other companies would propably steal this idea.

Gunslinger: How will the choice of a specific race influence the character in terms of stats, abilities and so on?
B.Y.: The choice of a specific race will influence the charakter. But unfortunately i cannot tell you anything about that now cause we are still discussing how all this relations will work. It is a bit too early for this question

Gunslinger: Will the magic system be skillbased or will it work independently from the skill system?
B.Y.: This is not determined right now *smiles*

Gunslinger: Are some professions going to be restricted to certain races?
B.Y.: Propably. It is very likely, yes.

Gunslinger: Will there be large scale conflicts (e.g. realm wars like in Daoc) and areas where the announced pvp restrictions will be lifted (or PvP server?)?
B.Y.: Very good question, heh. Imagine, the game is called the world of warcraft! That means the game is war, everywhere! But if someone wil not play pvp he must not. You play in a whole world and you will find monsters everywhere…or players will find you :). We looked at so many other games and we know now what works and what does not work. I guess, we will not have specified areas where pvp will be possible.

Gunslinger: Can we expect many gunpowder based weapons or are they going to be very rare?
B.Y.: Yes. I think dwarves should be very skilled with that kind of weapons…

Gunslinger: Can you specify some details regarding the support of the guilds?
B.Y.: We know how important guilds are. We will support guilds and we have some very cool ideas for that. I cannot tell you more about that for security reasons. Please stay tuned and be sure, we will support guilds.

Gunslinger: Will player be able to own houses and similar structures?
B.Y.: We presently discuss that. It has not yet been decided.