Team Hi Bill. Early on we have seen the fantastic graphic of World of Warcraft but now let”s talk about some game specific things. First of all, we want to know if there will be a level cap…

Bill Roper, Vice President Blizzard Entertainment Bill Roper: Yes, there will be a level cap, but the number is not set by the team yet.

Team What happens if a player reaches this cap?

Bill Roper: You mean the further motivation to play. First you will have to do a lot of combat to reach the level cap. You will have to come together to combat the high level monsters…

Team … well, will you implement stronger monsters or special monsters?

Bill Roper: You can always do things like that, because we have live teams. They will always be able to add new stuff, for example stronger monsters, that are 10 levels higher. If people are for example looking for a special challenge and say: “Hey, we want a monster, which needs 200 people to kill!” we can do this. That?s the great part of a live team.

Team Have you any idea, if there will be Realm vs. Realm fights, like in Dark Age of Camelot?

Bill Roper: We definitly want to have areas where players will be able to fight other players. PvP is an important part, we also like it. There will be specific places in the world where you will go to fight other players.

Team Will there be war between the races? For example Orcs vs. Humans that are directed by the live team?

Bill Roper: Obviously we have built up some natural alliances in the Warcraft Universe. We want you to reflect those in the game as well; we want players to be able to set differences in their behaviour, for example Orcs and Humans are natural enemies but a human player can work to be accepted by Orcs. But then, he will be known as an “orc lover” (Bill laughs), what is possibly not the best for his reputation.
In PvP there can be war at some natural sites but we don”t want to make a strict realm structure. If you want to fight for every side you want, you can make a mercenary type, or be a strict paladin for the humans who never decides to fight for the Orcs.
But it won”t necessarily mean that we have setups where we have got a GM sponsored event. We can do that but we want PvP to take place in certain areas.

Team What about ingame support? Will there be lots of game masters or event masters?

Bill Roper: Yes, we have got three things we want to do: be flexible, do changes and make sure, people get immidiate help. There will be a combination of website and ingame support. What we really want to do is a fully featured and easy to access website, having a lot of questions there, that are already be answered. You know, if there is an easy question, it can be easily answered. So the World of Warcraft team works very close with the website team.

Team Do you plan to setup the website in english only or will there be other languages also?

Bill Roper: We want to do it like our actual website. The regular websites we do get translated in different languages, but we know, World of Warcraft is very different and we have to spent a lot of time working with all the partners who translate the websites. Certainly we would love to have it work this way that if you have a question in german you should be able to ask that question in german. That is our goal but we don”t know how fast this will happen. Shipping WoW in 20 countries in 20 languages is very challenging, but it will help to make the game more accessible to more people. But think about 100 game masters talking in 20 different languages…

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