Mists of Pandaria Dungeon Preview: Temple of

  • Titel: Mists of Pandaria Dungeon Preview: Temple of the Jade Serpent
  • Beschreibung: Three new dungeons were revealed at BlizzCon 2011 out of the nine total planned in the initial release of World of Warcraft's fourth expansion, Mists of Pandaria, starting with Temple of the Jade Serpent, the first dungeon you'll encounter while leveling from 85 to 90. In this dungeon you'll be tasked with defeating the Sha of Doubt, one of the elemental enemies threatening the shrouded continent and sacred pandaren ways. Learn more about the information revealed during the BlizzCon 2011 Dungeons & Raids panel on our official website: http://battle.net/blizzcon/blog/3759858/
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